Sometimes, there can be too much of a good thing at times before it becomes something that loses all of its appeal and is no longer interesting.

Indeed, there has been a lot of talk about whether FIFA should look to move the World Cup from the model of being played every four years and changing the tournament to a biennial competition, however it has been met with strong resistance from a number of figures.

Many fans wait in anticipation to watch the best countries in the world go up against each other where they can place some awesome wagers by using 1xbet Ghana when they may not necessarily get the chance to do so, whilst others love the tradition that can be associated with the competition.

There are many that would claim that having it held every two years would be something that could kill their love for the competition and ruin the special aspect it provides when it is played.

One person who is opposed to the idea at the moment is Roberto Martinez, who has also added that Belgium would not be interested in entertaining the idea, either. He is joined by a number of the world’s players, with Robert Lewandowski and Kylian Mbappe also appearing to object to the idea.

“In my view, and the view of the (Belgian football) federation, we are not in favour,” he told the PA news agency. “But we totally agree we need to find solutions and find what’s best to allow players to be at their best when representing their clubs and national teams.

“A World Cup every two years will break the tradition. We all know players who have played in five World Cups and how special it is to be part of a World Cup.

“I don’t think we’re going to start seeing players who are involved in nine or 10 World Cups having the same feeling.

“It’s an exceptional moment in a player’s career and it should carry on with the glamour and the history it has at the moment. In Europe we are very fortunate because the European Championship is very strong, the Nations League is a really good tournament. There are other ways to find solutions at international level.

“We had a really interesting presentation, FIFA presented the proposal. It’s positive we have the decision makers and the big football institutions talking about how to improve the calendar and make a judgement.

“Football in modern times needs to adjust to the demands of domestic and international football, especially after Covid in the last two seasons.”

The idea has been pushed by FIFA president Gianni Infantino and chief of global football development Arsene Wenger, who have announced to its 211 member associations that they would be able to generate a further £3.3 billion in additional revenue if they were to have a biennial World Cup.

For now, Martinez will be turning his and the Belgium National Team’s focus to the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, with the Red Devils wanting to do better than their last appearance in the competition.

In 2018’s edition in Russia, they managed to finish third after defeating England 2-0 via goals from Thomas Meunier and Eden Hazard.