RSC Anderlecht is the Belgian football club that plays in the First Division. In the Belgian First Division, Anderlecht is the most successful Belgian football team in European competition, with five trophies and 34 league victories in the Belgian National Championship. Founded in 1908, Anderlecht first reached the highest level of Belgian football in 1921-22 and played consecutively in the Belgian First Division in Europe in 1935-1936 and 1964-65. Until the 2004-05 season, Anderlecht’s Belgian First Division had the highest average number of entries in a decade.

In the 1960s, the club won five titles in a row (from 1963-64 to 1967-68) under Pierre Sinibaldi and Andreas Velez, which is still a Belgian league record. Anderlecht won the title again in 1985-86, but after two play-off games against Club Brugge. Anderlecht finished third after the regular season, with no team losing less and only champions club Brugge with the best defensive record.

They were also the only team in the 2000-01 UEFA Champions League to reach the finish line. Anderlecht is 14th among winners of all UEFA club competitions, 10th in the 20th century European rankings of the International Federation of Football History and Statistics and 41st in the 2012 UEFA team rankings.

Anderlecht is a young team; Anderlecht knows and has skilled players. With the previous year behind Vincent Kompany and a solid second season under his belt, Kompany will be forced to start showing Anderlecht’s identity in the form of results and style. Kompany is new to the management profession, but he has undoubtedly paved the way for Anderlecht and himself. When Vincent Kompany finds a way to combine his determination, youthful development, and playing according to Anderlecht principles, few will argue that he is a force to be reckoned with on the bench.

“He spoke to many of his former teammates, trying to get them to go to Manchester City. At the Etihad Stadium, Anderlecht’s player-manager Vincent Kompany won four Premier League titles and a national treble in his final season with City. Vincent Kompany faces protests, relegations and criticism as he seeks to return Anderlecht to the top of Belgian football and compete in European competition again.

He announced the captain of one of the best teams in Europe, the most successful Belgian player in the Premier League and one of the Belgians who was signed at the age of 17 and spent his first six years at Anderlecht in the now unfashionable position of player-manager (Only Manager now). Anderlecht is also home to the RSC Anderlecht football club, where fun is guaranteed both on and off the pitch.